Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions Answers
Will I be giving my money to you? No. We will never have possession of your money.  Except for our management fee, we will never touch your money.  You can write checks directly to the custodian companies in which we invest our money in low-cost mutual funds, such as Vanguard, exchange traded funds (ETFs), or other securities.  That company will be the custodian of your funds.

Will I have to pay a penalty if
I wish to close my accounts?

No, but you have to give us written notice.

How do I pay for your services?

Other than the one-time consultation fee of $200.00, and a one-time strategy implementation and first quarter management fee of 0.5% of assets charged within the first 30 days of the management contract, we charge every calendar quarter, by withdrawing the fee directly from your account.

Do I have to pay if my investment loses money?

Yes, this is the way fee-based investment advisors services work; however, please remember it is in our interest that your money grows; that way our fee will grow as well.  Your interests and our interests coincide. 

Will you be getting “kickbacks”
or fees from the mutual funds that you utilize?


Absolutely not.  We will never get a fee from anyone but you.  That way, you are assured that you have our undivided loyalty. 

How often do you review my investments?

This will depend on the market conditions and your particular situation.  In general, we anticipate that we will review the accounts, as an average, on a quarterly basis.  However, we will meet with you in person or by phone periodically to review your account and any changed circumstances.  

Can I get my money back quickly
in case of an emergency?

Yes, we can send the money within a few business days upon your request.  However, it is not wise to sell long-term investments; we recommend that you keep an emergency fund that you can utilize in case you need funds on an emergency basis. 

How often will I receive
statements of my accounts?

You will receive quarterly statements from us, and periodic statements from the custodian, usually either monthly or quarterly.

Can I trade on the account
or make changes myself?

No.  This would be extremely confusing for all involved. 
Do you provide financial planning services? Our specialty is limited to investment services.  And while we are familiar with issues such as estate planning, insurance, monthly budgeting, and the like, we are not specialists in those areas.  We will be happy to give you some basic guidelines, but should you need any of those services, we will be happy to refer you to other professionals who specialize in these fields.  It will be your responsibility to ultimately decide which of those professionals you feel most comfortable with and desire to hire. 

Do you have to meet in person with the client, or does the client have to live in a certain geographic area for you to be able to provide your investment advisor services?

No, we can assist anyone anywhere in the United States provided we are (and only after we are) registered to do business in that state where the investor resides.  Otherwise, it is rather easy to conduct business these days by email, telephone, fax, or video conferencing.