Welcome to our Investment Advisory Service!

We are a fee-based investment advisory service specializing in low-cost, no-load index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  We provide personal attention geared toward deciding the best asset investment and allocation for each of our clients.

We utilize easy to understand, basic principles that we believe achieve the best reasonable long-term returns for our clients utilizing acceptable levels of risk.  Our principles, unless directed otherwise by you, are as follows:


  • We invest your money only in no-load, low-cost, indexed mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • We help you establish the best asset allocation arrangement to fit your specialized situation and needs.
  • We adequately diversify your investment to minimize risk and capture returns of assets with low correlations.
  • We keep a long-term perspective and avoid high-risk strategies that are inappropriate for most investors in most situations.
  • We believe that growth of most assets will usually revert to the mean.  We will therefore utilize periodic rebalancing to gain profit from asset classes that have experience recent escalation in price and add more assets that may be experiencing a temporary slump. 
  • We will never accept compensation from anyone but you, ensuring our undivided loyalty to you.

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